Macdonald Classic


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The Leather Macdonald Classic is our flagship Carry Bag.

It easily carries a full set of clubs—even though you really don’t need them all—and each is individually crafted of full grain leather from select American and European hides.
For years, Todd refined the design of the simple leather Carry Bag: The Macdonald is the culmination.
It has a triangular carbon-fiber top with 3 sections; a center-ground carbon fiber supporting rod down the middle of the bag creating the most ergonomic structure to carry; and features the most comfortable shoulder strap you will ever experience.
All aspects of the Macdonald Carry Bag have been studied and refined at every step, from the carbon fiber components that are individually crafted in Hood River, Oregon, to the American-made zippers.
It’s simple. No one cares about your golf bag more than the designers and artisans at Macdonald Leathergoods.

Macdonald Classics are currently available in our   In Stock Shop.

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