Macdonald Leathergoods

How do I care for my Macdonald?

The leather we use to craft your Macdonald bag is the finest upholstry‐grade leather available anywhere. And fine leather ages beautifully, even in inclement conditions. Why use full‐grain leather for something that gets dropped on the ground? Because the patina of your favorite bag develops over time: it gets wet, then it dries. A wear pattern develops. It encounters some scuffs or scratches...

We generally advise using a nice, natural leather conditioner, like Bee Natural Leathercare, after six months or so. But don’t hesitate to use it on your new bag. Your Macdonald will only look better as it ages, showing where you’ve been. Carry proudly a bag that speaks to your humility and taste and, most importantly, your love of the game.

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